• Carl Ortman's, Dream Team
  • Sedona Plein Air Festival
  • Sedona Plein Air Festival
  • Sedona Plein Air Festival
  • Carl Ortman's, Dream Team

10th Annual Sedona Plein Air Festival
October 18–25, 2014

Presented by Sedona Arts Center, the SEDONA PLEIN AIR FESTIVAL pays homage to the spirit and innovation of the great French Impressionists whose paintings were based on the belief that "you should trust your eyes" to capture the beauty that surrounds you. As with the old masters, contemporary plein-air artists paint from life in the out-of-doors (en plein air), capturing moments in time that reflect the ever-changing colors, light and shadows, temperature and shifting elements. The art form requires that artists have stamina, focus, and the ability to be completely absorbed in the work regardless of what Mother Nature is throwing at them. There is no setting more perfect than Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon in late October to find vibrant, unexpected scenic beauty. It is truly an artist's paradise.  30 award-winning artists, selected from among the best of the best, have accepted invitations to participate in this showcase. They are coming from all over the United States to spend eight days painting en plein air, and to share with observers their incredible talent and unique experiences with this challenging art form.

About The Festival

Main Street Paint Out

Main Street Paint Out

Artists Paint Out in Uptown Sedona

En Plein Air

En Plein Air Events

Special events held all week long

Sedona, Arizona

Red Rock Country

Nestled in the heart of beautiful Sedona, Arizona

30 Festival Artists

Mitch Baird (Colorado)
Joshua Been (Colorado)
Shonto Begay (Arizona)
Robert Burridge (California)
Michele Byrne (Pennsylvania)
Betty Carr (Arizona)
Bill Cramer (Arizona)
Robert Dalegowski (Arizona)
Christine Debrosky (Arizona)
Katie Dowling (Colorado)
Stan Fellows (Colorado)
Tracey Frugoli (Illinois)
Bruce Gomez (Colorado)
Debra Joy Groesser (Nebraska)
Charlie Hunter (Vermont)

Caroline Jasper (Florida)
Michael Chesley Johnson
Becky Joy (Arizona)
Shelby Keefe (Wisconsin)
Gretchen Lopez (Arizona)
Robert Masla (Massachusetts)
James McGrew (Oregon)
Carl Ortman (Colorado)
Susan Pitcairn (Arizona)
Rachel Pettit (Utah)
Dave Santillanes (Colorado)
Loriann Signori (Washington DC)
Susiehyer (Colorado)
Dawn Sutherland (Arizona)
Williamson Tapia (Arizona)

Schedule of Events

Main Street Paint Out

Saturday, October 18 1:00–4:00 p.m.
The Festival’s opening event is the popular Main Street Paint Out, a chance to see artists at work on their paintings all along uptown Sedona on both sides of 89A. The sales and awards for the finished paintings happen in front of the Sedona Arts Center Gallery at 4:00 p.m. Awards will be presented by Guerrilla Painter and Gamblin Oils. We then roll into the opening reception in the Art Barn 5:00–7:00 p.m. Each artist brings 6 completed paintings from their own region to display in the Sedona Arts Center’s Special Exhibition Gallery and adjoining Theatre Studio. These works will be for sale throughout the week.  Artists will periodically rehang their space with new work created during their stay that will be designated with a “Wet Paint” sticker beside it. The exhibition event is thus constantly evolving and open 10:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. daily throughout the week.

History of Pigment

Sunday, October 19 Free Materials Presentation.
Scott Gellatly of Gamblin Oils presents an educational look at the history of pigment, paint and color space. A deeply informative guide to choosing a palette of colors. Carl Judson of Guerilla Painter presents their latest pochade box products. These free materials presentations are from 10:00 a.m.–Noon in the Theatre Studio. Scott Gellatly then offers a plein air workshop for the afternoon from 1:00–5:00 p.m. The cost of the afternoon workshop is $60 and includes free Gamblin Paint and Gamsol for student use.

Paint-Out in Jerome

Tuesday, October 21 Jerome Chamber hosts a morning paint out in the streets of Jerome 9–noon. See tent at main parking in Jerome to locate artists who will be spread over the main streets and alleys of Jerome. Also be sure to get your free ticket for the afternoon winetasting at Cellar 433. After lunch from 2:00 – 5:00 p.m. Join us at Cellar 433 where artwork from the day’s painting will be available for viewing awards and purchase. Free wine tasting provided by Cellar 433. Awards will be presented by Guerrilla Painter and Gamblin Oils.

Wine and Art Tour Page Springs Cellars

Wednesday, October 22 – Learn - the history, culture & process of winemaking from grape to bottle. Taste - award winning wines, including a special tasting pulled directly from barrel. Tour - our beautiful grounds including our estate vineyards, cellar, barrel room and crushpad. $40 per person

Tour originates at the Sedona Arts Center with a short guided tour of the plein air galleries where you will receive an insider's look at various styles and approaches among this years artists. This part of the tour is led by Vince Fazio, Director of the School of the Arts and Chairperson of the Sedona Plein Air Festival.

Tour at the winery will include souvenir wineglass and flight of 5 wines including a special tasting pulled right from the barrel. Learn about the process from grape to glass.

Vineyard tour will last about 40 minutes leaving about 40 minutes for you to explore the vineyard and see a selection of this years invited plein air artists working on their paintings at various stages of completion.

Return to Sedona Arts Center while enjoying a special snack. Total time 2.5 to 3 hours. This tour will deliver you to the Sedona Arts Center in time to go have dinner on your own and return to the Arts Center for Jim McVicker's keynote presentation at 7:00 p.m. (keynote presentation is free and open to the public)

11:00 - 2:00 p.m.

1:30 - 4:30 p.m.

4:00 - 7:00 p.m.

Keynote with Jim McVicker

Wednesday, October 22 7:00 p.m. - Keynote Presentation by veteran plein air artist Jim McVicker from the Northern California Coast. Jim will be leading a three-day workshop that also starts on Wed. Jim is known for both large and small plein air work and for his very realistic still-lives. He will be talking about the development of his own work over the course to 25 years of painting from life.

A Confluence of the Senses

Thursday, October 23 “Art and Wine: A Confluence of the Senses” is celebrated at Alcantara Vineyards at the confluence of the Verde River and Oak Creek (3445 S. Grapevine Way, Cottonwood, AZ 86326).

Exclusive viewing of artwork by the 30 Sedona Plein Air Festival artists from the afternoon and evening "Paint Out at the Vineyard." Sponsors for this event include:
  • Alcantara Vineyards
  • Chef Chris Debrowolski from SchoolHouse Restaurant
  • Wendy White - owner of Abineau Lodge
  • Desirable Dessert by Jeff Webner
  • Marc Battistini, Mesa Grill
  • Jason Wasser, Chocolate by XOCOLATL
Schedule of the evening's events:
4:00 p.m. Arrive at Alcantara Vineyard - choose your first glass of wine and tour the artists as they finish their landscape paintings.
5:00 p.m. Artists present their work available for purchase on "The Lawn" at Alcantara. Canapés and wine pairings available. Five awards will be made presented by Randy Higbee of King of Frame and Carl Judson of Guerrilla Painter. All gathered will vote on a painting to be used as a label for a special blend that will be created from this years wines. Owners of the painting will have the option of participating in the creation of the "Confluence of the Senses" blend which will be on sale next year.
6:00 p.m. Shelby Keefe performs "Beats and Brush-strokes" a vivacious 20 minute painting process set to her own music. Browse the art work mingle with the artists and discuss your favorite paintings and pairings as Shelby completes her a 30 x 30 inch painting. 
7:00 p.m. Soft closing as you gather your new art, perhaps a special bottle of wine and a sense of a complete experience of culture, art, music and food. 

Cost $75.00 per person
Includes: Commemorative Crystal Stem Wine Glass; two full pours of your choice of a number of wines plus wine samples presented as pairings with three specially prepared canapes by local chefs exclusively for this event. (other foods available as well)

Awards Night

Friday, October 24 5:00–8:00 p.m.

Awards night begins with a private one-hour preview by invitation only. The event is then open to the public and sales are quick. Various awards are given throughout the evening including Collector’s Choice based on ballots from guests. Artist’s Choice based on a body of work and judged only be the participating artists.  Festival Keynote, Jim McVicker will choose Best of Show and four merit awards. The Arts Center staff will choose a poster award and various other purchase awards and sponsor awards are given. 

Final Public Sale

Saturday, Oct 25 is the final sales day of the event. The public is welcome to browse and purchase from 10:00 a.m.–3:00 p.m.

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